A blog by Johanna


My name is Johanna (pronounced yo-hanna) I grew up in Western Australia with beautiful beaches and sunny blue skies and then moved to a quaint old country village in England. I love fashion, beauty, travelling, health and wellness.

I relish the outdoors and being by the ocean, which is why I feel that a bikini isn’t just something you wear at the beach a bikini represents the lifestyle. I seem to own 200 bikinis and counting… I have always felt a duty to motivate and inspire my family, friends and followers to be confident and follow their dreams. I will never put a minute of my time into something I am not passionate about. I love waking up in the morning with a goal or a project that needs to be conquered and if there isn’t one I will create one! Everything on my blog is very true to my personal style and a true reflection of my personality.


A blog by Johanna – “I feel as though a bikini is more than just a swimsuit to wear at the beach, the bikini embodies a lifestyle of freedom, travel, expressionism, and relaxation.”

Contact: Ask me questions on my tumblr ask box, www.thestringsofmylife.tumblr.com or email joverco95@hotmail.co.uk