Love Yourself

Believe in yourself, love yourself and know what your worth. I think there is a journey for everyone to learn to love themselves and create themselves.

There are times when I get caught up on instagram looking at all these girls with a few followers and end up comparing myself or putting myself down when I know I shouldn’t be doing that. The secret with these instagram girls is that they would have a professional photographer or someone who is there to capture every moment, photos taken at certain times of the day due to lighting, photoshop, many filters, fake tan, hair, makeup and many other things that arn’t real for many of us in the moment. Instagram is their full time job and we think they just look that amazing all the time.

I learnt to recognise that when I am putting myself down or comparing myself to those girls of instagram I just try to use it to motivate myself to create my own reality. So instead of just beating myself up about it, my thoughts will be  how did they get there? Obviously I can see that they work out a lot with what their bodies are showing me.  I know that if I choose to change what I do each day so perhaps eating healthier  it will benefit me with my goals and inspirations more.  I also choose to change my mind and my habits… ‘You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.’  I tend to sleep a lot and always drink water so that is a habit I’d like to keep but things I’d like to practice could be having positive affirmations towards myself, life and goals, nourishing my body as well as keeping my vessel oiled up and strong by keeping active more often so I now add some weights to my weekly workouts.


Don’t worry about what other people think because your not doing it for their approval your doing it for yourself and to add colour to your world and make your soul grow. Sometimes you have to ‘fake it until you make it’ and when I say that I mean believe you are or have it until  you finally reach your goals. So if you don’t feel the confidence then try ‘faking’ it until you have it, if you believe it then you can achieve it.

There are so many ways to show you love and care for yourself so don’t put yourself down just because you see something doesn’t mean your worth less. Perhaps this could just be a sign you’d like to change your habits and do things that take you to your higher self.

What are your thoughts?

Love and light

Jo x