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Just do it! My new start

‘Good things happen to those who hustle.’

Motivation will only get you so far and then it’s up to you to make it a habit whether it’s going to the gym regularly or planning and cooking nourishing meals daily. I went to the gym on Tuesday to use it as a stress relief as I just couldn’t shake that stressed feeling. Of course I knew it would work I felt better and proud that i had stepped back into the gym again… I was guilty of avoiding the gym for far too long. I then went back to the gym again on Friday and it was great because i had someone else next to me who was enjoying the benefits of the treadmill just as much as I was. It was almost like those scenes at the gym where people are putting levels according to the other person next to them, I then told her after and how I went fifteen minutes extra because she was there so I do hope I see her again!

I want to be determined enough to go to the gym regularly again and that means I will have to discipline myself even if i’m not in the mood to go I have to remind myself why I started in the first place. Yes I want to feel and be healthy but I want the results of my hard work to show. It’s great if people to see that I care and look after myself and as long as I work hard the results will show an awesome hot body.

As well as having a healthy body that I maintain for life I also want to cook tasty nourishing meals daily which does mean I will have to plan more in advance. Eating the right foods is so good for the body and sometimes to start off you just need those helping hands to tell you not to eat any of that chocolate or to tell you to drink more water and get that much needed sleep. Bye Bye bloating and useless stomach fat, thigh legs and wobbly arms and cellulite.

I also want to make sure I am more tidy and organised so that I can think clearer and it makes life so much easier when decluttering and giving a home to every item I own. No more tripping over items on the floors or running out the door because I might be late. Which leads me on to my next goal, I don’t tend to be late, I’m usually on time or one minute late or early but never five minutes early and ready which is what I want to change as sometimes it can all be a flap in the morning and it feels like a lot more bother rushing around than it would if i was organised and time aware.

I want to study many more languages but to start of with I will stay close to home learning german (which would also help me being a chalet girl next winter!) I would also like to finish one of the courses I’m studying at the moment and have left it a while which is hospitality. Then once I’ve done those I would love to be able to say I can drive a car. Study study study!

I also want to save my money for the future so i’m going to try and each day write in my goals book what I have achieved that day. (Otherwise no island holidays for me. Stop being a girl for a moment and just think.)

To sum up my current goals:



-Eat clean

-Exercise more

-Organise life

But lets not get carried away one thing at a time otherwise I will get overloaded an its all just too much. Baby steps.

There is a side goal thats going to be a journey also which is my career and I will make it to the top!

I will keep documenting my journey along the way…




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  1. Stephanie Kate says:

    Im ready to take that chocolate away from you!

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