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Section two: Written by SKG


I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it. Much love SKG xx

Section two:

Sandys video was inspiring, uplifting, exotic, all the things she spoke about and believed ,fitness, caring for your body, mediation, (the list goes on) were all the things I wanted or wanted to become. Sandy pulled at my heart strings just as much as she spoke to my soul. I know hard to believe from a girl trapped by her cat watching a dreaded screen but still, true. With her golden tan, mid length scraggly sun kissed hair and body on point I started to wonder if I had a crush on her. I didn’t did I? I wanted her life and her life only. I knew from the way she spoke that happiness was and is possible I just had to have the balls to go out there and grab it.

I awake with Minty dribbling in my face urging me to move my arse to get him some breakfast. I tell you at 8.06am tuna is not my cup of tea! The house is still. Calm. Mothers no doubt gone to cause agro on some poor helpless being and daddy will be at work funding her torments. The day is Wednesday, not your typical day to make fresh new beginning but I guess ill take it.

Written by SKG



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