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How to start a healthy lifestyle

A change in lifestyle takes time whether its weeks, months or years a little bit of progress over time is better than non, after all you don’t have to be good to start but you have to start to be good.


To make this work you have to really want this lifestyle and I find it helps a lot if you start with a ‘goals book’, I like to think the book as a little bible as it will used from the beginning. The goal book is there to help stay motivated and inspired and each day you can write things you’ve done/need to do, progress notes, feelings, anything really just as long as it helps.

One sort of book that could help is www.dailygreatnessjounal.co

I find these journals are perfect to help, they have room for you to release any resentment, hate or stress, how you feel today, workout routine, food diary etc.



I always like to think of four main doctors… clean foods, 3litres of water a day, daily movement and at least 9 hours of sleep each night (people say 8 hours but why do that why not aim for more?!)

Eating clean foods would probably be the first and most important action you do for your life as it helps you keep ‘your forrest’ at its best in order to help fight against anything like cancer, and so many diseases that have been created in the world.  *Although mental thoughts do have a impact too-so think positively.*

The best part about the modern world is that there are plenty of health books and recipes around and ready to be used, so sort through absolutely everything in your cupboards and get rid of all that C.R.A.P. – Carbonated drinks, Refined and processed sugars, Additives, artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners, Processed and packaged foods.

Make sure you plan your meals so you know what your buying from the shops so you don’t buy the wrong foods and don’t shop when your hungry otherwise your the owner of isle four which isn’t good,I suggest a snack before shopping and also try to shop on the outside areas near the fruit and veg.


Water is great and one of the many useful things it does is to flush out the toxins that are in our bodies, the hydration helps with so many things including anti ageing… forget those anti winkle creams just drink bucket loads of water everyday. If you have trouble drinking it on its own then add flavour too it there are some great recipes to infuse your water with.

Sleep  has a huge impact on our lives and without a good nights rest it’s a lot harder to do simple tasks which is why we like to take naps. iPods and phones need to be charged and so do we.

Imagine have to waddle down the street because you didn’t bother about your health and ate all the wrong foods and never exercised you would feel awful. When we exercise we release endorphins which make us happy (food is the most abused depressant and exercise a anti depressant that is used the least) doing regular exercise is so vital and helps us to stay fit and lean. So plan a workout routine that you will enjoy and stick to.

Don’t forget music! If your working out you will want to listen to something to make your workout amazing.

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Then after those four main doctors I like to think of others on the side line like emotional and mental health, perhaps it’s wise to write in a journal each night to to let out any thoughts and feelings that would be building up inside or even seeing a therapist from time to time, having down/relax time to destress and enjoy being by yourself in that moment (bubble baths win) perhaps  try brain activities like sudoku, word searches or other puzzles to keep the mind fresh, try being social and out there with others also otherwise it can get depressing and boring when not spending time around friends and family after all it’s the memories you keep for life.

It is all the little things that you do put together that make good wellness.

I also think its healthy to keep your surroundings decluttered whether thats having done the dishes, a tidy room, friends that serve no purpose anymore (who don’t bother to see how you are, care about you, toxic, negative, unreliable, etc there are a few number of reasons as to why we have to let people go and they might even have to be family sometimes too!)

10712983_401812206644199_1744044310759375830_nDecluttering could be items around the house that you simply don’t use or love anymore this includes clothing- why not sort through those things that have no purpose anymore to give or sell to someone who might appreciate them. A great helpful book for this is a by Marie Kondo and the first book is called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever another book is Spark Joy: An Illustrated Guide to the Japanese Art of Tidying.

I have read the book spark joy and its a fab wake up call.

There could be also serval reasons why we have a lot of clutter/hoarder but one of them could be some emotional issues that need to be dealt with.

Decluttering can be very cleansing especially if it’s toxic, negative or has served it’s purpose and it’s ready to be released so enjoy the many ways of decluttering for a organised, fresh, clean, happy life.

Being organised helps to stay calm and not keep stressing all the time, perhaps you never have food prepped so you eat junk food or your workout gear and music isn’t ready and so you just think you will do it tomorrow instead or your work uniform isn’t ready and you’re in a flap and start to get angry at people close to you.

Firstly “tomorrow” is a mystical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation and achievement is stored. Secondly just think about how calm and happy your life would be if you plan ahead and stopped procrastinating, life would be a lot smoother and be for you not against you.

For me personally I love the idea of having small rituals that keep me happy and clear whether thats having a pamper evening with my clay mask, bubble bath, music, candles, books etc or going to the ocean, shopping, writing down in a journal, writing lists, one thing I love to do every so often is to make a mood/vision board to help inspire and motivate me to do things in the now that will help towards my future, the power is in the now.

Perhaps set up some fun little rituals for yourself these could include hobbies and new hobbies. Put some music on and just dance and enjoy life.

People have asked my how I can be so happy… firstly I want to put it out there that it’s ok have have those occasional down days because they make the good days even better and no one is going to be happy every single day.

I like to think the reason why I stay happy is because of my thoughts ” what you think you become”- Buddha, try not to think negative thoughts or over think things and just smile, think positively and be grateful for everything.

I remember not being able to walk twice in the last two years for quite a few days both thanks to different injuries ( torn ligament/fallen down the stairs, obviously I was careless and wasn’t paying much attention)

I remember those days and who was there to help me and i’m truly thankful to be able to move the way I do today. My body is amazing and I love it!


To help inspire me I adore having cute workout clothing/accessories to pick from it just makes going to work out more enjoyable. To name some of my favourite sports clothing brands are: Lorna jane, nike, victoria’s secret sport, lululemon and Lurv.


I think some inspiring books to read are by Miranda Kerr, Louise L hay, Katie Piper to name a few on the top of my head. 

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The most inspiring person I know is my best friend and sister and I call her my own Angel. I am so grateful to have her in my life and I cherish the time we have spent together and will never forget the lessons I learnt from her beautiful soul.


I also love to see Ashy Bines online and her lifestyle so go check her out. (her youtube weekly Raw videos are nice to see)

A healthy lifestyle has so many things to it and I’ve mentioned a few here but we are all children of the earth and we are constantly learning.

To begin a healthy lifestyle I suggest to try the first four doctors as they are the most important then create a little schedule (clean eating, lots of sleep and water, daily movement) and remember that life a journey be sure to enjoy the view and just keep moving forward.


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