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Bikini Purchase

My bikini purchases

I love bikinis so much! I relish the lifestyle and meaning that bikinis have so much that I am now a regular bikini shopper I hate to admit it but I have a problem.
One of my favourite places to go bikini shopping for quite a few years now has been a site called Ishine365 I buy a lot of bikinis from them especially the brand Acacia.   http://www.ishine365.com

Ishine365 do so many brands of swimwear it’s great. As well as ishine365 some other good places to buy swim are Revolve & Asos, although be aware that they are not the cheapest swimwear out there but they are good quality and fitting.

img_5578I will have a look around for when they’re having a sale or if discount codes are available then I will get 15% off. I am also very please with this site because I don’t live in the States so by the time the bikinis arrive I would normally need to pay extreme customs fees but for some reason I never have to pay any fees which I love a lot and it’s a bonus because when I spend something like $200 I get free shipping which the shipping arrives between 5days-1 week later… Pretty darn good deal in my eyes.

I brought a tie die looking set from the brand Swim like a mermaid in size small. We all know that the sporty/high neck look is in fashion right now and it helps me from getting sun burnt on my chest which is where I’m prone to sun burning. The good thing about this bikini also is that it’s reversible to a baby blue colour and we all know how ‘in’ reversible is!




I also brought a Banana print set From Wildfox swim, I felt a bit excited by this one as it was different from the other bikinis  I have brought in the past, although the final review will be said once I’ve tried them in water. The fabric isn’t as soft as the first bikini I got nor is it as cheeky on the bottoms, the top is a wrap top with a criss cross design on the back which gives it a sporty look. I get the feeling that if your a sporty looking girl this would look fab and that it would give me a hipster look… well it is from wild fox swim. Size xs but I could have done with a size small.





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  1. abigfan says:

    Hey Jo, love your new blog. I started following your stuff on and off when I first saw one of your bikini haul videos on youtube. As a guy I obviously think that its awesome how comfortable you seem to be in cheekier bikinis, but I also appreciate your sense in fashion. Keep up the good work! Maybe upload a bikini collection and/or bikini try-on video at some point? Anyway, thanks for the content over time!

    • thestri2 says:

      Thank you very much! I really appreciate the support from people which inspires me and I hope to grow more especially in a few months to come.

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