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A night out in Notting Hill

London invites you to try mouth watering food and great atmosphere for any occasion in Beach Blanket Babylon, a restaurant tucked away among the quiet homes of Notting Hill.

The Decor is beyond amazing, truly unique and worth taking a few photos. Very elegant and lots of nook and crannies you could get yourself lost and find yourself in a room for a beautiful wedding party.

I celebrated my birthday there this year and was seated in the chapel although it was rather dim lighting so I had to put on a phone light to see what I was eating.


The food was amazing I had a starter which was the burrata and then for mains I had the poached chicken and a side of fries which all of was so delicious and filling.


By the bar there are two DJ’s dressed up in club wear (I’m pretty sure one looked like lady gaga and the other could have been a guy) and really seemed to enjoy the scene as well as awesome new music.




Drinks are average including the mocktails I had and there will most likely be a wait at the bar to be served.



All in all I loved this secret jewel and it has a great vibe to it with great food, decor, friendly staff the only problem could be the price tag that goes with it but thankfully I wasn’t paying so I just relished that night!





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