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I recently went to Africa Zambia and it was a great new adventure and I met many friends. I want to share some of my experiences.img_5297

Zambia can get very hot during the day but chilly at night during this time of year and in a few soon weeks things start to dry out more.

The local people are ever so polite, friendly and happy. When I stepped off the plane when coming back from Zambia I could tell a diference in the air, people don’t seem to be as happy or caring and family oriented in different ways.

img_5280People are great dancers and love to dance. I tried to learn but it takes work.

Everyone speaks amazing english as well as their own language.

Even when its super hot for me its just warming up for them… I was wearing shorts and dresses there and everyone else was wearing trousers. (I was told though apparently it wrong to wear shorts/to show so much skin)img_5236  img_5258 img_5249

Everyone dresses really nicely and you see a lot of people in shirts or simply just flattering outfits. Patterns are very popular along with bright colours.

Do not drink the tap water or eat things that have been washed in it. The water is not good to drink that even the locals drink bottled water.

What they call porridge is very similar to semolina.

Chaminuka is a fun place to visit seeing all in animals in the game park, petting cheetahs, having a scenic boat ride and cheese tasting which this amazing place is located just outside the city. Score!


Everything is cheap!

There are not very many touristy places in Lusaka to visit except perhaps the cultural markets.

I would defiantly visit again just for the people! My friends and family.



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