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Hand Luggage Essentials

Travelling to a far off land and stuck for what is needed to take, look no further…

I always find it so much easier to be prepared for my trips and I also love to write a quick list.

“Less is more.”handluggageessentials-infographic

So the first the needed would be your passport and ticket.

Then your keys, money, phone, headphones, laptop, chargers & adapters.

Medication. If you need to take meds with you even if they’re just vitamins (Your crazy pills haha) then I would pack those first so all ends well. ‘And they lived happily ever after…’

Toiletries. I try to make sure I pack big products that I know I won’t need to use for the flight time in my big suitcase that goes under the plane, for example suncream or shampoo but any other things I like to pack into my carry on like my Toothpaste and brush, hair brush, moisturiser etc.

All toiletries that are hand luggage have to be under 100ml and in a clear see through bag when going through customs.

Recently aeroplane companies try to save costs and make thinner pillows which are awful to use so I suggest taking your own type of cushy pillow to use.

Depending who you fly with and how long your flight is you may or may not have a movie screen so I suggest taking a book and magazines to browse through while on flight.

A bikini, the world will end if something happens to your luggage that goes underneath and you end up without a cute bikini.

Clothes, if your not travelling for long or far then why not take just the hand luggage in which case you will need clothes such as tops, bottoms, cardigans, underwear, pjs, shoes etc.

Fluffy socks… if your a fluffy sock person on flights then you get me.

An eye cover if your the type of person that loves to sleep in utter darkness.




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