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Section one: written by SKG

bikiniWritten by SKG.

It all began with one simple trip to Hawaii. I never knew how much at that point that the little island would become my home, my life. It all started in 2015 having lost my job as a legendary polly doll ( more on that later.) I needed to escape from the mundane life of the UK. With 271 days of rain a year in England it was far too depressing… no soul destroying! After spending two weeks in bed only ever leaving for a tub of waitrose own chocolate ice cream, I had to do something with my life. I could no longer listen to my mothers scratchy voice telling me how pathetic I was cooped up in my room gripping my dear cat Minty forcing him to love me.

I had to leave this prison of dispare.

Watching YouTube videos was my go to to waste time, of course that was too wrong in my mothers eyes. It was there on YouTube I came across mmm Sandy, yea I’ll call her Sandy well her username on YouTube is sandyfeet so I guess that makes sense. Anyhow I came across Sandy on a Friday night having already spent 3 hours on the laptop my eyes were quickly growing tired, legs burning from the heat of the machine and Minty restricting my movement when I said to myself just one more video.

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